Audio Safety Signs

AUTO-SIGN is the newest Caution, advisory and Warning System in the field of safety today!

This unique, motion activated message and flashing light device that has proven 50% more effective in preventing accidents than typical static signs.

Record your primary “warning” of a hazard into AUTO-SIGN, and each time someone comes within range, the message plays and the LED lights flash.
Product Models

  • WS-O1 is the AUTO-SIGN standard. Easily mounted to a wall, stood on a counter or used to convert existing safety signs. LEARN MORE
  • WS-02 is the floor standing model. Two types, 4-sided cone or hinged floor model.
  • WS-03 is the Heavy Duty model, built with Precision Fabricated Heavy Guage Aluminum. LEARN MORE

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Auto-Sign products are Patented and Trademarked
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