The Consequences of Slip and Fall Accidents

fallingEvery business wants to keep accidents to a minimum for both employees and customers to avoid increased insurance premiums, workers’ comp claims, and lost productivity.

More than anything, though, businesses want to prevent accidents to reduce the physical and mental pain and suffering that result from injuries.

Although they seem harmless, slip and fall accidents can cause severe or even debilitating injuries. Following is a look at some of the most common injuries from slip and fall accidents.

Injuries to the Head

An unexpected tumble does not give a person time to cushion his or her head from the impact of hitting the ground or striking a nearby object. Traumatic brain injury as a result of a slip and fall is common and painful. Depending on the severity of impact, a person with a TBI could need rehabilitation and may struggle with a myriad of other issues, including loss of mobility, forgetfulness, or behavioral issues.

Injuries to the Neck, Back, or Spine

In addition to injuries to the head, injuries to the neck, back, or spine are also common during slip and falls. Damaged disks or a broken neck are both possible and serious and could cause a great deal of pain. If surgery is required, an employee will need to take additional time off from work and may not be able to return to the job afterwards.

Injuries to the Hips or Pelvis

Public spaces like grocery stores or restaurants cater to an array of clients, many of whom may be elderly or in poor health. Those who are already unstable or frail will not fare well after a slip and fall accident. A broken hip or a broken pelvis is a serious condition that could require an extended stay in the hospital or a nursing home. Severe injuries could require surgery, which would lead to an even longer and potentially more painful recovery period.

Loss of Quality of Life

While the physical impact of injuries from slip and fall accidents cannot be minimized, the loss of quality of life also needs to be considered. Slip and fall injuries on the job impact the affected employee, but they also touch the lives of coworkers. No one wants to feel like their workplace is unsafe, nor do they wish to see a colleague in pain.

Those injured in slip and falls are already in pain and may have to deal with lifelong issues, like a limp. They will also have to worry about their finances if they have to take time off work for doctors’ visits and medical tests. They will not be able to do the same things they did before the injury, like enjoying time with family or hobbies. The mental and emotional impact on the injured can be just as daunting as the injury itself.

Hazards abound in public places and the workplace, but prevention is the key for keeping employees and customers safe.

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