Reducing Construction Site Injuries and Fatalities with Auto-Sign

Construction is an inherently unsafe industry. Every day workers on construction sites deal with potentially lethal equipment, including chemicals, power tools, and electricity. Site supervisors want to keep workers healthy and costs low; yet, according to OSHA reports, thousands of construction workers are killed on the job each year. Tens of thousands more are injured or disabled. The toll taken in pain and suffering for workers and higher insurance costs for employers is tremendous.

Hard Hat AreaStandard warning signs are often overlooked or ignored by workers, which could lead to injuries or even death. Auto-Sign’s audio-visual warning signs help enforce safety procedures at construction sites by offering an OSHA-approved written warning, flashing LED lights that will attract attention, and a recording with specific safety instructions. Following are just three of the safety protocols Auto-Sign’s motion-activated audio-visual warning signs can help enforce on your construction site:

1.) Safety gear reminders. The right equipment matters. Hard hats, gloves, goggles, steel-toed boots, respirators, and earplugs add an extra layer of protection between your workforce and potentially dangerous on-site conditions. Place Auto-Sign’s audio-visual warning signs at the site entrance to help everyone remember to put on the proper equipment before starting work.

2.) High-voltage warnings. Death by electrocution comes in at number three on OSHA’s list of the top four fatal injuries at construction sites. According to their list, 8.6% of construction site deaths are due to electrocution. Urge workers to use extreme caution by putting up an Auto-Sign audio-visual warning sign at the entrance to areas where workers may run the risk of electric shock.

3.) Warnings about chemicals used on site. Chemical burns and injuries are serious business. In addition to providing wash stations and material safety data sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals used on site, you can also add an Auto-Sign audio-visual warning sign to alert employees and subcontractors to the presence of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Construction sites are busy places. The site supervisor can’t be everywhere at once, so keep everyone safe by putting up Auto-Sign audio-visual warning signs to convey important, potentially life-saving information about hazards on the site.

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