Now Playing: How to Avoid Slip-and-Fall Injuries in Movie Theaters

popcornEven in an age of on-demand entertainment, where just about anything can be accessed online 24/7, movie theaters are still popular destinations for both young and old. Kids look forward to seeing the latest flick featuring their favorite superheroes and adults get excited about the newest thriller or maybe a romantic comedy for a rare date night. While most think of movie theaters as lots of fun, theater owners and managers know that dangers lurk off screen, too.

A movie is not complete without a soda or extra-buttery popcorn. And where there is lots of food, there is the potential for lots of spills. The small child who carries a soda too big for his little hands is most likely going to lose control and make a mess. Greasy butter seems to always manage to find its way to the floor and create a slick spot for someone to slip on. Lots of people means lots of trips to the restroom, either before, during, or after the show. Spilled water or a freshly mopped floor all invite injuries and accidents.

In addition to practicing routine cleaning and due diligence in looking out for spills that could cause accidents, movie theater managers and employees can use a talking warning sign from Auto-Sign to help prevent injuries and costs associated with slip-and-fall accidents.

One of the biggest hazards in movie theaters is lack of lighting. While the drama is playing out on the big screen, another type of drama may be just waiting to happen if a wet floor is not apparent to an unsuspecting patron.

It is almost impossible to see a spilled soda or a wet floor in dark or dimly lit areas. Auto-Sign is the perfect solution to this problem as the signs provide an audio warning whenever someone approaches and use flashing LED lights to warn of a possible danger. In movie theaters, where darkness is the norm, a talking, flashing sign to warn of danger is a great alternative to traditional plastic signs that can easily be hidden in shadows.

Movie theater managers and owners should add audio-visual warning signs from Auto-Sign to their safety toolkit to ensure everyone lives happily ever after.

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