Making Eye Protection a Priority

One of the most common reasons for eye injuries on the job is that workers are not wearing protective equipment.


Eye hazards abound in industrial settings. Chemicals, gases, steam, grease, hot oil, and flying bits of wood or metal can damage eyes. Workers who don’t wear protective eye gear are all at risk for painful injuries or even blindness.

There are often signs posted at facilities or job sites warning of eye hazards, but those warnings fade into the background all too quickly. After performing a task several times without incident, workers may think protective eye gear is not necessary. Others may think protective equipment is restrictive or uncomfortable. No matter what the reason, workers who don’t protect their eyes can be injured on the job, causing pain and suffering and ultimately costing both the employee and the company money in medical bills and lost productivity.

An effective way to instruct each and every employee on the importance of protective eye equipment is with the use of a talking warning sign from Auto-Sign.

Auto-Sign’s durable signs are ideal for warehouses, factories, or construction sites, anywhere workers may need to protect their eyes. Unlike a regular printed sign, Auto-Sign’s audio-visual warning signs do not become part of the scenery. When an employee approaches the sign stationed near the work entrance, LED lights will flash and the warning message will play. Workers will have no choice but to hear – and see – the warning.

To record your individualized message, simply press the button on the back of the sign. You can also include a written message tucked under the plastic shield on the front of the sign.

Since Auto-Sign’s talking warning signs are 100% customizable, the recorded and printed message can change when the need changes. For instance, if the type of eye protection changes from one day to the next or from one job to the next, you can record a new message each time you use the sign.

Auto-Sign’s signs are particularly useful at job sites where the workers speak different languages. Instead of relying on traditional printed signs with only a few languages, you can create a message in the language or dialect your workers speak. Communicating with your workers in the way they understand best eliminates confusion and makes sure everyone is working as safely as possible.

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