Ensure Proper Access with Talking Warning Signs

org chartIt would surprise many people to learn that one of the biggest dangers at work sites is employees or visitors who are not approved to access certain areas. The wrong people in the wrong place could spell disaster. Workers may think they are able to enter all work areas, but that may not be the case. They may lack the proper training or safety equipment and may not realize there is any danger until they stumble upon it.

Visitors are also at risk. They may have approval to be in certain areas, but if they get turned around and enter an area that may be unsafe, there is a risk for injury. Most likely they are unfamiliar with safety protocol and won’t know how to protect themselves from hazards. If an injury occurs they would not know how to get help or first aid.

One way to keep unauthorized employees and visitors out of certain areas is to use a talking, motion-activated warning sign from Auto-Sign. You can record your own voice message to let others know which areas are restricted. For instance, if hard hats or safety glasses are required, you can record that message and it will play when people approach the area. Those who don’t have the proper safety gear will immediately recognize they don’t have the proper equipment and can either obtain those items before entering or avoid entering altogether.

Traditional safety signs are easily overlooked or ignored, especially by visitors or others unfamiliar with the work site. Installing a talking warning sign, complete with flashing LED lights, will alert workers or visitors to the dangers at hand and will help prevent them from entering unsafe areas.

Also, if sections of your site or facility  require a certain clearance level or designation, you can let people know beforehand and help steer them away from areas they don’t have access to.

There are many dangers lurking at work sites and industrial facilities. Ensuring that only those with proper authorization and/or training access certain areas is a great way to avoid injuries and accidents and keep your business running smoothly.


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