Distracted Walking Injuries on the Rise

Personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, are commonplace in daily life. Millions of people make calls, send texts, surf the Internet, and listen to music while going about their everyday tasks. While their eyes and minds are occupied with the latest social media update or the urgent business e-mail that just arrived in their inbox, people are less likely to pay attention to what is in front of them. And, more important, what is right under their feet.

A customer at the grocery store who is engrossed in typing a text may not notice the wet floor sign an employee put out before he started mopping. A passenger late for her plane and trying to conduct business on her phone may not see the caution sign attempting to alert her to slippery conditions as a result of the recent rainstorm. Traditional caution signs, such as wet floor signs, are as commonplace as electronic gadgets. They are good at warning people of hazards, but only if people are paying attention. In our technology-driven world that is connected 24/7, paying attention is a luxury few can afford.

But what if the traditional caution sign could speak for itself? Auto-Sign now offers motion-activated caution signs that issue an audio message and light up when someone approaches. So that grocery store customer fixated on texting will hear a voice warning her of the possible danger that lies ahead. She will also see flashing LED lights illuminating a written message of the specific hazard. The passenger at the airport who is worried about missing her plane and stressed over her work obligations will hear the voice recording warning her about the slippery floors. By adding an audio-visual component, signs from Auto-Sign draw attention to themselves in ways that traditional signs can’t.

People in the 21st century have many distractions competing for their attention. Those in charge of safety in public places can use motion-activated signs to cut through those distractions to help people stay alert. In the process, they will also be helping to reduce accidents, prevent injuries, and save their companies time and money.

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