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The Consequences of Slip and Fall Accidents

Every business wants to keep accidents to a minimum for both employees and customers to avoid increased insurance premiums, workers’ comp claims, and lost productivity. More than anything, though, businesses want to prevent accidents to reduce the physical and mental pain and suffering that result from injuries. Although they seem harmless,[…] Read More →

Ensure Proper Access with Talking Warning Signs

It would surprise many people to learn that one of the biggest dangers at work sites is employees or visitors who are not approved to access certain areas. The wrong people in the wrong place could spell disaster. Workers may think they are able to enter all work areas, but that[…] Read More →

Now Playing: How to Avoid Slip-and-Fall Injuries in Movie Theaters

Even in an age of on-demand entertainment, where just about anything can be accessed online 24/7, movie theaters are still popular destinations for both young and old. Kids look forward to seeing the latest flick featuring their favorite superheroes and adults get excited about the newest thriller or maybe a[…] Read More →

Making Eye Protection a Priority

One of the most common reasons for eye injuries on the job is that workers are not wearing protective equipment. Eye hazards abound in industrial settings. Chemicals, gases, steam, grease, hot oil, and flying bits of wood or metal can damage eyes. Workers who don’t wear protective eye gear are[…] Read More →

Reducing Construction Site Injuries and Fatalities with Auto-Sign

Construction is an inherently unsafe industry. Every day workers on construction sites deal with potentially lethal equipment, including chemicals, power tools, and electricity. Site supervisors want to keep workers healthy and costs low; yet, according to OSHA reports, thousands of construction workers are killed on the job each year. Tens[…] Read More →

The Hidden Dangers of Office Work

Every morning millions of people wake up and prepare for their day at the office. They have many worries weighing on their minds: getting the kids ready for school, dealing with traffic, and long lines at the coffee shop, just to name a few. Once they drop off the kids,[…] Read More →

Distracted Walking Injuries on the Rise

Personal electronic devices, such as smartphones, are commonplace in daily life. Millions of people make calls, send texts, surf the Internet, and listen to music while going about their everyday tasks. While their eyes and minds are occupied with the latest social media update or the urgent business e-mail that[…] Read More →

Spring into Safety: Three Tips for a Safe (and Injury-Claim Free!) Season

Now that spring has officially arrived, rain and melting snow are everywhere. While this is great news for spring flowers, it’s not such good news for business owners and their insurance providers! Lots of precipitation means wet shoes and wet floors, which could lead to a slip and fall accident.[…] Read More →

An Alternative Approach to Safety Signs!

Our motion activated audio signs are designed to attract attention when passive signs do not.  With long lasting batteries, it’s easy to mount, program and leave in place!

Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

Proven to Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents by Drawing Attention to Hazards Reduce Pain & Suffering Reduce Injury Claims Reduce Insurance Premiums This is a Patented and Trademarked Product