Reducing Claims Could Reduce Insurance Premiums for Businesses

These days, saving money is a priority for all businesses. One option for potential cost savings often overlooked is business insurance premiums. A regular review of your company’s policies does double duty: One, it strengthens your company’s commitment to employee safety by giving you a chance to review and adjust[…] Read More →

Spring into Safety: Three Tips for a Safe (and Injury-Claim Free!) Season

Now that spring has officially arrived, rain and melting snow are everywhere. While this is great news for spring flowers, it’s not such good news for business owners and their insurance providers! Lots of precipitation means wet shoes and wet floors, which could lead to a slip and fall accident.[…] Read More →

An Alternative Approach to Safety Signs!

Our motion activated audio signs are designed to attract attention when passive signs do not.  With long lasting batteries, it’s easy to mount, program and leave in place!

Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

Proven to Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents by Drawing Attention to Hazards Reduce Pain & Suffering Reduce Injury Claims Reduce Insurance Premiums This is a Patented and Trademarked Product